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ligaya_s_amor's Journal

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What we see does not exist until we dream.
What we fear does not exist until we believe.

My pen name is Ligaya (Lee-guy-a). Since primary school I have always had positive comments on my writing - grammar and spelling aside XD I have many creative outlets, with writing being one of them, and I have written several stories that I find it difficult to share. But, confidence has spawned from dismal shadows and now I contain little care on what the world may think of what I write. Therefore I am going to publish them on the net for the first time ever; few I have entrusted to read my printed works (no, not published, printed - with a crappy old canon printer XD), so this is quite a step for me.

I realise a lot of what I write is lame. So I am. But this does not concern me. I know my writing will develop further through the years' and perhaps my stories of fantasy shall improve; I know I seem to be headed on the right foot thus far, for only last year' I handed up my smallest written assignment for a class and those who saw it seemed impressed (my tutor for that class had decided to show other tutors that I learned under); hence I received many comments on its quality and not its quantity.

As I mentioned earlier, I have many creative outlets. Writing - though it may impress some - is not my strongest love. Instead I turn to the art of music; I sing. A lot. I also play guitar and piano on the side, though with a lack of teachers in my life I have had to rely on what little knowledge my elders gave me, and the trust I have within myself to learn on my own. Singing is my passion; I breathe music, just as one breathes air. Without it, I would surely die.

I have many idols - too many to mention here. Writing idols include the likes of Graham Masterson, Steven King, Christopher Pike, Anne Rice, David and Leigh Eddings and Terry Pratchett. I also idolise numerous entertainers and performers, my greatest love of all being Anthony Warlow.

But the baritone sings of a glorious battle-field ...

If you have not heard his voice, you have missed a lot. I know of a little Anthony Warlow Fan Forum that could be worth the visit; it provides audio and footage of this great man and the people are very friendly. If you have the time, come along and visit us at Unexpected Song. Even if you have not yet heard his glorious voice as of yet, come along and say hi anyway. It is a good little community.

With all that said, I should sign off. I cannot be certain how many people will actually take the time to read this, and I have no idea how it would impact somebody, but my guess is by now you are extremely bored and wishing there was a metal plate across my mouth. So, I end this little note (oh yes, little; I have restrained myself this time) with a few notices about my works.

1. I am not trying to gain recognition by "publishing" my works here. I think of this place more as storage for my draft works so I have more room for music on my computer.

2.Though constructive criticism would be helpful :D

Happy reading,


An Anthony Warlow Fan Forum